When Client Photos Turn Into Scouting Sessions

Sometimes as a photographer, I am thrown into a situation that just doesn’t pan out.

Here is a story.

A few years ago I was asked to photograph engagement portraits at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. While walking around, I captured a lot of fantastic photographs for the couple. However, there was one location in the botanical gardens, where getting a photo was a lost cause.


It was an indoor area with way too many people in the way.

I attempted to get some photos of the couple at this location anyway, knowing it wouldn’t be usable for their wedding stuff. With that also in mind, I archived the location into a scouting category so I know where to bring future clients. In addition, I know where to stand, how to frame and what to be cautious off when returning to the gardens.

The photograph you see here is the result and scouting shot.

If I ever returned to Longwood Gardens for an engagement session, I would ask people to hold for a few minutes or work quick enough to hold people back for 30 seconds.

This is an example of how client photos turn into scouting sessions. It happens, so I deal with it.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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