Cape May Lighthouse
We visited the Cape May Lighthouse, and although the light wasn't bright due to the extended sunset, It was pretty. I added the light during post processing.

I recently went to Cape May, New Jersey for a short vacation with my wife Melissa and two of our friends.

We stayed in a beautiful cottage a half block from the water, although it happened to be a very cold couple days.

The trip was fun and relaxing for the most part.  We tasted some local food which was amazing, visited a winery and brewery and did a lot of walking.

I requested for the group to go see the Cape May Lighthouse at some point during our stay.  So we managed to get there one night before sunset.

As you could see in the video, I was trying to capture some brackets for a HDR and also some long exposures of the lighthouse. Unfortunately it was getting late and the sun did not set enough.  For the trip I did not have my neutral density filters with me (I was packing light) so I couldn’t force darkness on the scene.

In the end, It was a beautiful sunset and I made some photographs that I am happy with.

cape may lighthouse

The final photograph which I am excited to share was photographed from the beach during sunset and I added a slight lens flare coming from the lighthouse which gives it a sense of motion.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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