The camera holster struggle is real

The camera holster struggle is real. It’s true. There are now three main competitors for camera holsters on the market: Spider Holster, Peak Design, and Cotton Carrier. I prefer Spider Holster over the others, but I have a specific use for Peak Design’s capture clip too. In this vlog, I talk about why.


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  1. I had been a sling user for quite a few years. Then last year while at PPE2016 I stopped by the Spider booth. Then I stopped by again, then again…It was hard to convince myself that a holster would be better than a sling. But I too the bait and went for the belt holster as well as the camera strap and the arca swiss plate to go with their own plate to the holster. Investment? yes…worth it…definitely. People are always asking where I got it and how does it feel to walk with my camera on my hip or around my shoulder. Putting that weight on my hips and off my shoulder is so much better in my opinion.

    1. It is definitely nice to get that weight off the shoulders and back!

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