Battery Park, NYC Photowalk With Trey Ratcliff
Photographer, Trey Ratcliff

Please join me on August 14, 2012 in New York City for a sunset photowalk with Trey Ratcliff.

Photographer, Trey Ratcliff

For those who know who Trey is, feel free to skip down to the photowalk details.

Although HDR was around for a long time, Trey is the photographer who made the technique so popular.  He is fantastic at HDR and loves to teach other photographers all about it, and photography in general.  Trey has written multiple books and has done reviews on so many products.  Through Flatbooks, Trey sells and promotes photography education by way of eBooks. Trey is also the maker of Stuck on Earth and 100 Cameras In 1.  Quite some time ago I interviewed Trey as part of my A Photographer’s Interview series. If you would like to learn more about him, please visit the interview and his website.

Photowalk Details

August 14 2012
6:00 PM EST

Meeting Location:
Century 21
24 Cortlandt Street
New York, NY 10007

(World Trade Center stop) If you do streetview and look across the street from Century 21, there is a long wall where we can meet.


It is a 1 mile / 15 minute walk from World Trade Center area, straight down to the Battery Park.  With the group – walking and shooting from 6:00 PM EST on, we could easily hit the park by the 7:54 PM EST sunset.

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Please RSVP at the Google Plus Event page so you can share your photos with everyone after the event.

Sharing Afterwards: Attach your photos to this event And/Or use the tag #TRNewYorkPhotowalk

Thanks for reading, happy shooting and see you there,


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