Bass Harbor Lighthouse

If you haven’t been to Acadia National Park then you likely never thought about Bass Harbor Lighthouse before. ┬áBut if you ever plan on going on to Acadia then prepare for an interesting experience.


The lighthouse parking lot is extremely tiny for the amount of tourists they have visiting non-stop every day.

Our group (in two cars) arrived at the lighthouse about an hour and a half before sunset.  We made our way through the narrow path in towards the cliffs along the water.

When we made it to the rocks, we realized we would not be alone.  In fact, we would be far from it. There were well over 50 photographers, most with tripods, all lined up ready for the sun to fall below the horizon.

Most of our group decided to get in line, but some went into different directions.

  • I decided to get in front of everyone, on a lower rock, so I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way.  I wound up using my 20mm wide-angle lens so I would still have a big view of the scene.  I wanted to do a long exposure, catching the lighthouse, sky, water and rocks all in the frame.  The 20mm was the perfect choice.
  • Chris decided to climb the rocks to get under the lighthouse.  He then turned and photographed all of us standing there way behind.
  • Justin decided to walk behind the lighthouse and through some of the woods to get the trees and surrounding areas.
  • I believe Armando also went in a different direction, but I can’t say for sure.

Once the sun went down we left and got some dinner and drinks.  It was a great sunset, even with the clueless people getting in everyone’s way (and not caring).

But be warned… if you go to Bass Harbor Lighthouse, you won’t be alone.

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  1. Wow, lovely sunset. Beuatifully composed and I love the sun bouncing off the rockface and house. It looks so peaceful….it seems impossible that there are so many people behind you!!

    1. Thank you, Tony. Check out the Acadia eBook (free) in my eBook store. You’ll see the cover photo which shows many of the people.

  2. Very cool image – I like how the lighthouse and cliff is lit up.

    We visited last summer and had a very different experience. Traveling with a young child, my only opportunity was to get there before sunrise on a VERY foggy morning – had the place to myself and made the best of a less than optimal situation (

    1. Fog can be annoying, but with some post processing you can probably break through it.

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