A Photographers Review: iFolios Mobile WordPress Theme

iFolios is a new WordPress Theme designed specifically for Photographers.  Even with that, it could be used for any type of service like a graphic or logo designer. The theme is simple and comes in two styles.  Light or Dark.  You must choose which style you want when purchasing.

Currently the Theme is at a generous price of $49 but will soon be going back up to $79.

So here are my thoughts on iFolios.  The simplicity is amazing.  It doesn’t get any easier.  Install it like a template and add pages and photos.  If you follow the supplied PDF instructions you can’t go wrong.

Mobile Forwarding

iFolios must be in a subfolder or subdomain with its own WordPress installation. This is my big complaint on iFolios.  Being that it is a theme that is the only way for it to work right really.

  • PHP: Downside is getting the forwarding to work. You could follow the instructions that iFolios proves however that means messing with the WordPress files themselves. While it’s not such a bad thing to do as long as you back up your files, once WordPress gets upgraded that customization is gone and must be redone.
  • .htaccess: You could also forward mobile devices to your iFolios page however messing with .htaccess is not always the smartest idea for a novice.
  • W3 Total Cache: This plugin allows for mobile browser forwarding.  If you’re already using W3 Total Cache then your forwarding problem can be solved just by a quick setting change.
  • WP Touch: I believe this is the most popular Mobile plugin for WordPress.  They have themes and many features built right in.  You could also use this plugin to automatically detect a mobile browser and forward to a specific WordPress page.  Using this in conjunction with Thesis would automate the forwarding to your iFolios page.

What I would like to see

  • Make it a plugin or make a plugin that just detects and forwards but with an option to view the standard website and stay on it without forwarding again
  • Partner with WP Touch and make the theme work with their plugin so I not only get the simplicity but my Blog could show on the site as well.

Final thoughts

Remember that because this is a Theme is customizable so even if you buy the Light version you can change settings with CSS.  Great job iFolios.  I really think it’s an awesome theme for mobile browsers and I see it only growing.  Until there is a smoother way of switching back and forth between Mobile and Standard, and the integration of my Blog I will be sticking with WP Touch for the mobile version of my website.  However I will be keeping the iFolios version live for everyone to see.

I added some things to the basic iFolios theme including a contact form instead of just displaying my email address, and the Fancybox WordPress plugin for enlarging the thumbnails.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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