4 Photography Tips For Posing Your Subject


Posing a model or subject can be a dreaded task to some photographers. If you never had training in how to pose your subject, or picked up a book on posing techniques then I am glad that you’re here. Below are 4 simple tips to help bring some flavor to your portraits. 4 quick and easy posing tips for your portrait photography.

  • Comfort: Make sure your subject is comfortable, otherwise he/she will look very stiff. That does not make for a good photograph.
  • Turn: Have your subject spin his/her body in one direction. It will add some depth to the image and possibly make the subject look more flattering.
  • Bend: Elbows, knees, wrists. What do they have in common? They bend! If it bends, bend it. No need for super straight people in a photograph.
  • Burst: Put your camera on continuous. If you’re using flash, or even out in the sun, people blink. If you’re photographing a child, they’re fast and they run! I know this tip isn’t directly related to posing your subject but it ties in to having your subject look flattering. Blinking eyes can make a great moment…ugly.

Have your own posing tips for a portrait photography? Comment below to share.

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  1. One more thing – beware of the claw! If you have more than one subject, a couple, an engagement shoot, anything involving more than one person, do not, in 99% of cases, have one person put their arm around the other person, where you just see their hand on the other side. It can look like they have an extra appendage or something growing out of the wrong natural spot.

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