A documentary about your family

I hear it all the time. Kids don’t like posing.

Guess what, neither do I!

What I mean is – photographs are far more flattering when they’re not posed. When they capture unique, true and honest moments they’re so enjoyable.

That’s why I offer my Cozy Family Sessions, a documentary style family portrait session. In these, I spend a few hours with your family. I stay out of the way when it’s essential, and interact when needed.

cozy family session

But the important thing is that you are you. You’re not faking things. No fake smiles, or “cheese” faces. Only real moments in your day with your family.

Some refer to these sessions as A Day In The Life because that’s exactly what they are.

It’s you spending time with your kids, doing what you do when photographers are not around.

Except, I’m there to document it.

Consider a Cozy Family Session for your family portraits, especially if you like those organic moments in your family.

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