When The Balloons Don’t Fly

You know the saying, sh*t happens.

I have a new phrase to throw out there and maybe it will stick. When the balloons don’t fly.

For my birthday, my wife bought us tickets to the NJ Balloon Festival. The fest is three days long, but the tickets are only good for one. The first day of the event, early in the morning, there is a free media and press event where photographers have the chance to capture photographs they never have before – standing inside a balloon if a pilot lets you.

So we went to that event and later in the day, it rained. Then the following day we went back for the night balloon show. Of course, it rained.

Now, for those who don’t know anything about hot air balloons, they do not take them out, inflate or launch them if it is raining. The reason is not just because of winds, but due to mold.

The following day it wound up raining again.

So while I did get some fun shots while I could, this is what happens when balloons don’t fly.

Make the best of it.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

Note: The one balloon in this picture is from AT&T because it’s an advertising balloon that doesn’t launch. They must not care about the mold.

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