Long Arms

If you missed my last post about Craft Beer & Music in New Jersey then please check that out first.

A local painter was at the beer launch event to photograph the bands as they were playing. When he first arrived he set up and painted two canvases with backgrounds. It was a neat approach to see, as it made his job painting the bands simpler and less time to consume.

I decided to document his work as he progressed painting Long Arms.

The band now has a torso, legs and some of the guitars (and kick drum)
Working on the guitars and arms
Adding small details
The final painting, with the band still playing (their last song of the night)


painting-long-arms-06What I enjoyed the most out of the painting was how the painter brought in some of the personality from the band into the artwork.

For example, the band is called Long Arms.

So if you notice, the painting contains people with long arms.

I also really enjoyed that the painter was covered in paint from shirt to sneakers. He was covered in it.

Everywhere except his hat.

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