Knowing When To Strike

When you’re in the moment, photographing an amazing event, it’s important to get in the groove of the subject(s) you’re photographing.

What I mean is…

I took karate when I was younger and understand the basics, but there is no way I would be able to follow exactly what was happening when so many advanced belts were performing the katas.

So what I did was to feel what they were doing and anticipate the perfect moments.  The moments they strike.

That is how you get the action captured.  That is how you freeze the moment.

Get in the groove and feel it.


This is an attack from Shisochin ( To destroy in four directions) kata.

They are in Zenkutsu dachi ( Forward stance ).

The strike is a Hiji ate ( Elbow strike ). The strike represents a counterattack
after a block. The non striking hand is in reserve for a block if needed.


Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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