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Here is a list of things I like to do when out shooting in a group, or on a photowalk:

  • Make sure everyone is having a good time
  • See if everyone is getting the shots they want
  • See if anyone has questions
  • Talk

With that said, while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with some of the guys, we stopped in Dumbo with hopes of catching the sunset on the Brooklyn side of the bridge. One of the fun parts of shooting in a group is to see how other photographers photograph the same scene as you. I mentioned this before when Brian Matiash and I wind up shooting many of the same Brooklyn Bridge scenes without knowing.

For this shot, however, I walked over to this spot and noticed Brian Furbush capturing the scene. While standing there I thought to myself “Why am I standing here and not shooting this amazing scene?”

So I did. End story – begin capturing.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Nice shot man! It’s great how we all have similar shots but a different vision – the best part of photography in a group setting, in my opinion. I dig the warm glow under the bridge.

    1. Thanks dude, I appreciate it!

    1. Never been to Houston but I hope to one day!

  2. Nice capture Scott. Sometimes we just have to push the shutter no matter who else is shooting.

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