The best tool for virtual learning with a phone

When it comes to learning or teaching through your iPhone, it’s common for someone to place their phone on the desk with an awkward angel up the nose.

That isn’t ideal, and there are betters ways.

Some people use a product like this $14 stand. It even holds iPads, and is quite sturdy. Cool, right?

Cell Phone Stand, Angle Height Adjustable LISEN Phone Stand For Desk

Except that it only lifts your phone or iPad 8″ off the desk. So that still gives viewers a nice look at your nose hairs.

Instead, consider the Multi Mount system from Elgato.

Virtual learning with a phone

You see, Elgato is a child company of Corsair. The Elgato brand is dedicated to making live streaming easier for people.

The Multi Mount system can sit on a desk, or clamp to a desk. It can hold a light or a camera and can raise well above your head.

This system isn’t as basic as it appears. There are a variety of attachments and extensions that can expand the capability of the mount.

For example, you can use one mount, and a solid side arm and a phone clamp to hold a light and phone at the same time.

The best tool for virtual learning with a phone

Elgato’s Multi Mount system is by far the best tool for virtual learning with a phone. Albeit, not the least expensive product available. But in this case, it’s an investment in a well built, sturdy, mount for your phone and potentially lights as well.

Secure your phone to your Multi Mount Modular System with a spring-loaded steel clamp with padded jaws, Phone Grip takes your mobile companion to new heights and orientations, allowing you to leverage your camera and apps like never before. 

Multi Mount System Phone Grip

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