To The Right

This is another scene from Brooklyn, New York.

The vibrant red painted brick wall, plastered with posters and graffiti act as a perfect backdrop for street photography.

To The Right

In fact, this is one of my favorite street photographs in my collection.

I even used it as an important part of my street photography ebook.

Some of the important components of a street photograph are as follows:

  • Strong overall scene
  • Strong subject matter
  • Bold color or monochrome tone
  • Overall interesting to look at

So as you move in your direction within street photography, think about those items.

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  1. Love the red wall Scott, nice

  2. As a relative beginner, and not one used to street photography just yet, I have a question. Note that this question is based on many hours of watching photography classes and tutorials, not on actual shooting experience.

    Would you consider this picture to be better if the guy was facing into the scene instead of away from it?

    I am just curious. I am getting better at the technical side of photography, but my creative side is still pretty stunted. So when I see a photo that I would have done differently, I like to ask about the motivation behind the shot to help me understand the creative process, and hopefully be able to recognize my creative urges if/when I have any.

    1. There is a possibility of the photo being stronger if the person was walking the other way. However, I liked that the person resembled the shape of the water pipe on the wall of the building. So I timed it just right to have him in front of it. It’s such a wide and bright wall that there are likely hundreds of potential placements for a person to be standing and the photo coming out awesome.

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