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Yesterday I shared my article, A Webinar Mistake You Shouldn’t Make because it was a very frustrating ordeal. I hope that future webinar hosts read it and learn from it. I decided to take the experience and share a flip-side. Here are some tips to make your webinar a success. Now, I have never personally hosted a webinar. The tips you will read below are advice from someone who attends many webinars. I attend at least two webinars each week.

  1. Keep information requirements simple
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Company (if you really need it)
  2. Ask for attendee feedback during the event
  3. Get to know the software you’re using
  4. Don’t use speaker phone!
  5. Make your slides nice. Don’t fall under Death By PowerPoint.
  6. Have your needed applications open before the webinar
  7. Deliver what you said you would
  8. Keep it straight and to the point. Don’t keep it going for too long.
  9. Stick to the topic
  10. Don’t try to sell. Just inform and educate
  11. Allow questions after the event

Your Turn

Did I miss anything? If you’re a person who often hosts webinars, do you have any tips to share? As a webinar attendee, do you have any tips to share for your hosts? Please comment below with your tips and thoughts.

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  1. #4 and #10 are so true! Good list all around.

    1. I’ve watched many webinars, from the “Marketing Gurus” and they use Speakerphone. Kinda silly!

  2. If you are sharing a desktop as part of the presentation, don’t miss out on the marketing opportunity.
    Make sure your desktop background is your logo or something prominent. Having your kids photo is nice, but lacks professionalism and polish. The stock Windows or Mac background is equally as bad.

    A simple clean logo with minimal text is best – think professionally designed billboard sizing…

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