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In front of the lens - engagement photo

As photographers we are so used to the view from behind the lens that we tend to forget to have our own pictures taken. My father was always behind the camera and when I asked my grandmother for a picture of my father and grandfather she told me that she only has one picture of the two of them together.

Surprised? I’m not. How often do you get in front of the camera?

When on a Photowalks, Melissa tends to take photos of me instead of the surroundings. I don’t mind because I know she loves me and because it is great documentation for our future.

When I proposed to Melissa and we started to plan our wedding I knew I wanted Seshu, Connecticut Wedding Photographer, to photograph our engagement photos. This was going to be my first time really being in front of the lens.

Before Melissa and I met up with Seshu , we were able to speak to him about the session.  Seshu got to know us as a couple which is very important.  One thing that Seshu told me before shooting was he was willing to try some of my creative ideas during the session.

When we met Seshu, he made Melissa and I very comfortable and we had a blast walking around a “secret location” in Connecticut for our engagement session.

I suggested an idea to Seshu as he said I could which turned out being the Black and White photo you see above.  If he turned down my idea I would not have been offended.

What is really cool about that photo is it is pretty close to what I was picturing in my mind.  Seshu had a similar vision to mine, went with the idea and gave it a story.  That makes for a fantastic photographer.

The portrait of me was taken when we stopped at a deli for water and a quick rest.  Seshu switched lenses to a 50mm prime lens to get some great indoor single portraits of Melissa and I.  After our rest we went on with the rest of the engagement session.

I will share more photos from the engagement session later but I wanted to share these two photographs first.

I also want to mention that Seshu had a new assistant that day.  I enjoyed watching Seshu answer her questions and teach her proper ways of using photographic tools.  It is so much fun watching another photographer not just in action (even though I was the ony being photographed) but also teach.

So now that you read about my first experience really being in front of the lens I want to hear yours.  Please comment below with your story or blog about and share your link.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


PS.  It was also really cool to meet Seshu after such a long time of talking on Twitter.

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  1. Nice. I can't wait to see more of them. :)

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