The Leica M9 At A Theater Near You

Melissa and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We were originally going to head to the Jersey Shore, but instead went to dinner in Princeton, near the university.

We are walking around Princeton University campus before dinner and I, of course, had my camera with me.


We manage to find ourselves in the middle of the set for a new Paul Rudd & Tina Fey movie, which is being directed by Paul Weitz, who made some of the American Pie movies and many others.

That day I had my Leica M9 with me, and knowing that it has the multiple shutter modes for a quieter experience, I switched to soft and discreet. This mode slows down the shutter reloading so you hear a very quiet crank sound.

Now, apparently the Leica M9’s soft and discreet shutter mode, which is super quiet, is still too loud for a movie set. I got “yelled” at by a background checker (one of the sideline crew members who keeps onlookers quiet). I was the only one taking pictures and instead of the guy directly asking me to please stop during filming, he said “Anyone who has a camera that makes noises please do not take pictures during filming.”


So most likely we won’t be hearing the Leica M9’s shutter in the movie Admission, but this is a fun story even still.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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