The Leica M9 Captures Beautiful Trees In Color And Black & White

Beautiful Trees & Happy Trees (yes… a Bob Ross reference)

The Leica M9 is such a fun camera.

In fact, I brought the camera and one lens on my Rhode Island trip.  That is how much faith I have in its abilities.  On top of that, the one lens is a Zeiss 25mm!

Walking along the cliff walk in Newport, Rhode Island offers amazing landscape opportunities.  It also offers macro photography, textures, shapes and colors.

Now, there are many Leica shooters that enjoy having their camera capture both color and black & white.  I am not a fan of that method.  I prefer shooting in color and process the DNG files in Lightroom if I prefer black & white.  What I have found from using the Leica M9, is that while colors pop – so do black & white.  Check this out…


As I’ve mentioned previously, the Leica M9 colors are stunning.

But so are the black & white conversions!


Now that you’ve seen the same photograph in both color and black & white, which do you prefer?

Are you the type of photographer that will photograph in black & white when desired or are you like me that shoots in color and converts when desired?

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,



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  1. I shoot in RAW even when thinking in black&white.
    Anything else would be destructive with a loss of all that color information. Besides, the image might look great in color as well. Why limit ourselves ? :)

  2. This particular shot I like in black and white : ) I have always converted post also.

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