Having Stance, Grip, Preparation & Attention

Keeping the karate & photography comparisons going, I want to talk about some of the basic of a photography project like this.


When you’re photographing an event like this, you most likely will not be on your two feet the entire time. It is more likely that you will be on your knees, crawling around on the floor. That is the only way you will get dramatic shots, showing the action in full effect. If all of your photographs are taken while you’re standing up straight, they will get boring – quick.


Hold your camera the right way at all times. Keep your neck strap or wrist strap secured in case of an impact. Be prepared for the possibility of a bump from someone else, so you do not fall.


The karateka who is holding onto the arm will swing that arm over his head and to his right which will bring his opponent to the front of his body. Once in front he will apply a wrist lock. The original position prior to the grab of the arm the rear karateka performed a bear hug. The defender grabs the arm to break bear hug the rest takes place.



Think about the event before hand. Be prepared for the unexpected, like having less room than you originally thought. Or an entire wall full of mirrors.


Be alert at all times. Listen to the people in charge, or for the call for your name. Know when you need to shoot, when you don’t.

Alright Already

You likely already know all of this, but I figured it was worth reiterating.  I hope you’ve been enjoying my karate series.  After this, there are two or three photos left to share.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,



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