Sorry Sony, I’m A Nikon Guy For Life
Nikon DF

I thought it was a match made in heaven. A compact camera with compact lenses. Light and small. Extremely powerful and feature rich. Enough megapixels to get any job done. It would handle everyday tasks.

So I decided to make the switch. Nikon to Sony. Finally. Even after trying it twice before and Fuji once.

I spent some time with the Sony A7RII. I enjoyed so much of it. But something didn’t feel right. It’s hard to explain. But maybe it’s best explained with a comparison to Harry Potter. If you recall from the books, the student doesn’t pick the wand. The wand picks the student.

Maybe it was that scenario. Something in my mind wasn’t happy with the camera. It wasn’t physical as I loved how it fit my hands.

So I decided to return the body and sell the used lens and the L Bracket I purchased for it. I decided to stick with Nikon for better or worse.

I will continue using my Nikon Df and my prime lenses like before.  (See my gear here) I will rent other lenses as needed and other camera bodies as needed. And I will wait to see what Nikon comes out with as successors to the Df and their potential full frame mirrorless I’ve always wanted.
Sorry Sony, I'm A Nikon Guy For Life

I mentioned earlier that this was the third time trying Sony. At least, this time, it was nothing Sony did. It was just not meant to be.

When I announced that I was transitioning from Nikon to Sony, the article made waves. In fact, it was picked up by PetaPixel where it attracted a lot of haters of mirrorless and Sony. I read every comment but decided to hold back on replying. I think that was a good choice.

But now the transition is on hold and reversed. I’m not switching. Ever. I’m a Nikon guy for life. Heck, it’s in my DNA. My grandfather shot Nikon my father shot Fuji and Nikon. Maybe that’s why I can’t switch. Maybe it’s them looking down at me and telling me to wait. “Nikon will wise up.”

I’m sure I will be mocked for going back and forth. Heck, even my friends will be making jokes. But I can promise that was the last time. The last attempt for change. For compromise. I’m a Nikon guy, and I’m in it for the long haul.

Maybe if I get a mirrorless urge again, and Nikon doesn’t have one at that point, I’ll rent.

For an interesting read, check out Thom Hogan’s article on why he still photographs with Nikon.

Here’s an awesome article by Shawn McGraff on Medium about “the best camera”.

Remember, the camera doesn’t make the photographer. And a camera won’t make you a better photographer. If you’re unhappy with a camera, switch it up. Even if it’s Nikon to Sony, Sony to Canon, Canon to Nikon. Make sure you’re happy with the equipment in your hand. And it feels natural.

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  1. Hey stock sites are looking for iPhone photography now because slr’s look too refined for ad companies. LOL. Stick with what works even if it is a Nikon ;-)

    Hey Fuji is coming out with a Medium Format! – LOL!

    1. While I think the photo industry needs more inexpensive medium format cameras, I’m honestly surprised Fuji is moving forward with it. They’re pushing so hard on their mirrorless cameras, that a media format (while still mirrorless) is quite larger.

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