Smooth & Foggy Days

On our way up to Acadia National Park we stopped at two lighthouses and a cove.  We were hoping for the rain to break, but it didn’t.  So we sucked it up, put on our rain gear and made some magic.


The photograph you see here is actually one of two lighthouses in this area.  We didn’t realize that the first lighthouse had another in the distance, but apparently it did.

When photographing such a foggy day it’s hard to break through that grey tone.  It takes a lot of post processing.  From what I have seen, Adobe is working on new algorithms to make processing scenes like this even easier.  I know I’m excited for when that’s available.

But for now, after spending a good amount of time transforming a very flat, barely visible scene, into this – I can surely say I’m happy.

Now to soak in the experience and embed it into the memory banks.


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