Shift The Tilt

When using a tilt-shift lens, photographers have options. Yes the obvious ones are whether to tilt or shift. However, what about shifting the tilt? What I mean is, if a photographer is using the lens for artistic purposes and not just to get lines straight, then there are choices.


In this first image, I focused my lens on the man-hole cover so the grunge background was blurred. I like this perspective because it makes the narrow street seem to be wider than it is. It also doesn’t put the focus on the graffiti and buses.


In the second image, I focused on the fence to bring capture graffiti. Unfortunately the buses are too in focus for my liking. For me, the man-hole cover also looks silly in the middle of the shot.

However, both photos are a lot of fun. The ambiance is enjoyable and a nice mix between cool and warm thanks to the night sky (behind me) and tungsten lights. Which do you prefer and why?

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. I have yet to try a tilt shift lens. Interesting concept and I like the outcome. I may have to rent one to experiment with.

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