On Selling Stock Photography & Marketing The Photographs

I received a question from a reader about selling stock background photographs.  Check it out:

Hi I am hoping to create some stock background and scenery shot to package and resell as royalty free.any good suggestions of good web url to try and market these and good work flow to edit the photo and make it look better and salable.

Selling Stock Photography

selling stock photography

First and foremost if you are trying to sell stock photography, then I highly recommend reading my friend Nicole’s eBook (micro)stock.

Now that I got that out of the way, here are a few websites that could be great for selling your photographs as stock.

There are so many other stock websites out there, so head over to Google and search for “stock photography” and you will see a lot more.  Here is a nice breakdown on stock websites from Photography Talk.

Marketing Stock Photography

Getting the word out there about your stock photography can be done in many ways.  But here are two tips to get you started.

  • Sign up with a popular stock photography website like Getty Images.  But don’t stop there. Sign up as an exclusive photographer and watch the company promote your photographs above others.  Use the best keywords and descriptions possible to increase the chances that your photograph is displayed in search results.
  • The other way is to use guerrilla marketing tactics.  Go out and find companies that would use your stock photography.  Create a gallery for them to see and take the initiative to do a mockup of how you see them using your photographs.

Editing Stock Photography

I am not going to bother answering the editing questions because stock photography should be edited like other photography.  The key is doing it in your style, in the best way possible.

So there you have it.  A bunch of info for your on stock photography. 

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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