Same Place Different Looks

I recently had an opportunity to tour Google’s New York City headquarters.

Google is an interesting company to see behind the scenes.

Much of it is very corporate, and the security is high. However, much of it makes me think that so many out of college employees will be so lost in a standard corporate environment.

But anyway…

During the tour we stepped out onto one of the balcony’s where employees can sit and work from, or enjoy their lunch from.

This was the view looking out at the Empire State Building.

NYC Skyline from Google 

I love this view and would really like to have had more time to photograph from. But the tour was short, so I had to keep moving.

Before going back inside I photographed the next photo, looking up towards the sky.

 Upward view from Google

As you can see, from the same building a photograph can look extremely different.

Both are fun, and both are from the Google building.


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