Reduce Photoshop Time with Perfect Layers

Less Photoshop, Faster Workflow

Working in Photoshop can be a drag sometimes. The software is a resource hog and at times, way more than what is needed. onOne Software has created Perfect Layers as a way for photographers to spend less time trying to navigate the complex Photoshop software and more time editing. OnOne Software’s Perfect Layers if ast and efficient. I wrote about the release just a short while ago in the article, Layers in Adobe Lightroom.

So with that said, I decided to record a screencast showing you Perfect Layers. Keep in mind that it is new and can and will only get better. onOne Software’s goal is to make working with layers quick and painless so you can keep on editing.

A Quick Walkthrough of Perfect Layers

I recommend picking Perfect Layers up as it might keep you out of Photoshop even more! If you’re reading this after the pre-order period ends, make sure you enter the coupon code scottwyden to save 15% off the purchase!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

Layers for Photographers

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  1. Awesome. Thanks for the video!

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