#AskScottWyden Enlarging Small Photos

Enlarging Small PhotosGoing along with the last question from Carl, is one related in a way.  It’s not related by the genre of software questioned, but rather my answer.

Carl’s second question was “How do you compare Alien Skin’s Blow Up to Photoshop’s enlarger? Are there others that you like even better?”

I can honestly say I’ve never used either Photoshop’s or Alien Skin’s photo enlargement software or features. The reason is because years ago when ON1 was OnOne Software they had an app called Genuine Fractals.

That software contained the best-known algorithm for remapping pixels for enlargement. So that’s what all the professional photographers were using.

When OnOne Software, now ON1, created their first Perfect Photo Suite they renamed the software into Perfect Resize. Now with ON1 Photo 10, the Perfect Resize algorithm is built in and still at the top of the genre of software.

So that’s what I use when I need it. I use it for when I am blowing a photo up on canvas. Or when I need to print an iPhone photo larger than what it can do naturally.

resize in on1 photo 10

I have never looked elsewhere for enlargement software and I would highly recommend to anyone else to look in the ON1 Photo 10 direction as well.

The proof of quality is there, but I still recommend you trying it for yourself.

If you were on the fence about ON1 Photo 10 after reading Carl’s last question and my answer, and have an interest in enlarging small photos, then maybe this convinced you to try the software.  And I hope it did, because ON1 Photo 10 is totally amazing.

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