8 Reasons Why I Always Recommend PocketWizards

PocketWizards have been tried and tested over the years, and by many photographers.

The tests have been done by professionals and hobbyists alike.


I am not here to share a detailed review of the products, because if you Google PocketWizard review you will see many of them.  What I am here to share is the how and why I use these amazing devices.

PocketWizards for portraits

I am a big fan of light, and enjoy working with it, learning about it, shaping it, etc.  However, when hired to photograph a portrait I am often using simple lighting setups to keep it minimal but effective.  Usually I will lights flashing through (or off) umbrellas, and maybe a softbox here or there.  I will also use reflectors to add extra fill for areas that need it.

PocketWizards for products

Every so often, a client asks me to photograph her latest cakepop creations.  I typically set up a small light tent or if needed, drape a white background over a low table.  Then using PocketWizards, I will trigger lights into softboxes to add soft, even light to the food.

PocketWizards for interiors

When photographing an interior for a business, my lights are typically bare and bouncing off a wall or ceiling.  I rarely use light modifers for these sessions.  However, I always use PocketWizards to make my life easier.

Why I Recommend PocketWizards

Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Sometimes I need distance
  2. I don’t want to trip on wires
  3. I want to fire many lights at once
  4. Sometimes with sports I need to fire a second camera
  5. Sometimes I want to fire some lights, but not others
  6. I like triggers that work… always
  7. Amazing people & customer service
  8. TTL if you want it, manual if you don’t

PocketWizards save time, session stress, make it easier and always work.  That’s why I use and recommend them.  Why do you?

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. I have 2 Pocket Wizards, but don’t use them nearly enough as I primarily shoot natural light for weddings. This post was a good reminder to step up my game and incorporate some off-camera lighting into the mix – especially at the reception and dance. Gotta buckle down and practice with ’em more! Cheers!

    1. Thanks Dan, and I hope you do spend more time with them because they’re a time and energy saver.

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