This Is Studio Light Was A Success
I hosted a lighting workshop at Dynalite's studio and it was amazing!

For the past couple months, I have been working on an event for the New Jersey photographers community on Google Plus. We titled the event, This Is Studio Light for two reasons. The first is because I gave my Photography Studio Lighting on a Budget presentation. The second is because the event was hosted at Dynalite’s studio in Union, New Jersey.

Dynalite is a professional studio light manufacturer who has been around for a very long time. They have been and continue to be manufactured in beautiful New Jersey.

The event started off with my presentation, where I also brought Jim from Dynalite into when I touched on Dynalite systems. I also touched on the new PocketWizard PlusX as my recommended wireless trigger of choice. PocketWizard was kind enough to send me a couple of PlusX units to pass out at the event. This was great because the professionals and hobbyists who either never used PocketWizards, or flash for that matter, had a chance to play with an affordable and amazing product.

When I finished my presentation, we took a short break to grab some food and drinks, and to let the wonderful makeup artist (Joanna) finish up with one of the models, Gianna. Little did Joanna know that Daryl was going to convince her to get in front of the camera and also be a model. We also had one male model at the event, Robert, who jumped in to the mix and is also walking away with a bunch of fantastic photographs from all the photographers.

One of my goals with the NJPC is to make each event, photowalk or meetup to be extremely valuable to each member. Instead of just having a presentation, I want everyone to get their hands dirty, and have a chance to learn by doing. With that, Jim jumped right in and began teaching people about his use of the Sekonic light meter, and why he set up certain lighting modifiers. I also talked about the ColorChecker Passport and why it’s so valuable for color correction… especially for a color blind photographer.

In addition to Jim and I teaching, some other photographer joined in the education fun and started to provide advice. I noticed Gevon, Joe and David doing so, and a big thank you is deserved. If others were as well, I am sorry for not noticing but we all appreciate it!

Some of the lights we got to use included Dynalite flash heads with PocketWizard receivers built-in, a Dynalite beauty dish, and a Rimelite Grand which also gets used to photograph the New York Mets team photo each year.

Overall the event went extremely well and we were invited back to Dynalite for more events in the future.

With everything that I do, I try my hardest to go way above and beyond the call of duty. I am always thankful for sponsors, affiliates and partners who loan products to either give away, or review. With PocketWizard being so kind by sending us the PlusX units, I thought it would be nice to say thank you. So I asked each photographer how they would feel about doing a video montage. Most said yes, so using my iPhone I asked each person what they think of the new PocketWizard PlusX. View the video to hear what they think.

Thank you PocketWizard for making our lives as photographers easier with extremely reliable radio triggers that are efficient, now more affordable than ever, and beautifully designed.

Thank you again Dynalite, Joanna, Gianna and Robert for helping us make the first NJPC event such a success. Thank you to all the community members that came out and I look forward to the next one.


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    1. Scott, it was a great event! The photographers were so engaged, it seemed like everyone took away something great!

  1. Hey Scott,
    Do you know if Pocket Wizard is shipping in UK?

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