When Your Plan Doesn’t Work Out As Planned

Interesting experience recently when shooting with my Leica M9 and Lee Filter Foundation Kit with the Big Stopper.

So far on my journey with the Leica M9 I have been able to use the filter system without a problem. For some reason today (the result of the setup you see below) I had a major light leak.


I thought I checked that the filter holder was tight and in place, so I double checked but had no luck getting rid of it. When I got home after shooting for a couple of hours, I set up some tests to triple check for a leak, but could not reproduce the problem. It was very possible that the filter holder was not as tight as I thought it was, or that the filter was not perfectly in place.

Here is a screenshot of the light leak.


It looks as though am I shooting through glass, which means there is unwanted light bouncing between the lens and the filter.

When things like this occur, the best thing to do is wash, rinse and repeat – try fail try – or any motivating quote you want to use.

I will be going back to this location to shoot the scene again. That is a fact.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,



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  1. Man that stinks. I’m curious to hear the cause was.

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