Photography Q&A: Storage, Backup & Mobile Viewing

In previous Photography Q&A articles, I answered a group of questions related to being a photographer’s assistant and stock photography. Today we are going to talk about a variety of storage topics.

Do you have any advice on managing my photographs from my wife’s iPhone photographs?

“The iPhone pics are imported via Photostream and iPhoto, but there still doesn’t seem to be an elegant (and easy) way to get these into Lightroom and then on to my Synology NAS for safe keeping.”

What are your backup recommendations for a large library of photographs?

  • Drobo – a self controlled RAID through Firewire, USB or Thunderbolt.
  • Synology – a self controlled RAID through your network.
  • Backblaze – cloud backup of an entire computer through the Internet.
  • G-Tech RAID – simple and reliable RAID drives.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner – software that copies and clones drives with scheduling options.

A while back I explained my backup workflow, but it has changed since then.  My current backup workflow is as follows.

  • Main Lightroom library and catalog of all DNG files on my Drobo.
  • On-site clone of Drobo on a G-Tech RAID drive (updated weekly).
  • Off-site clone of Drobo on a G-Tech RAID drive (updated once a month).
  • Off-site backup of entire computer and Drobo on Backblaze.

I am also considering another backup option of a Synology NAS somewhere off-site with Internet access.

Trey Ratcliff recently had backups as a topic for his Google Plus show.  Here is the video below for you to enjoy.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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