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photography-podcast-favoritesI have had the honor of being a guest on many photography podcasts.  In fact, two of them are by far my favorite podcasts in the photography industry.

Every so often photographers asks me what podcasts I recommend.  I never kept a list like that before, so I figured now is a good time to share my favorites.

When choosing my favorites, I decided to share a business, a technical and a general photography podcast. I hope you enjoy these three as much as I do.


Sprouting Photographer is the newest of these three podcasts, but Bryan and Rob do an amazing job interviewing photographers, educating photographers and just blowing the minds of so many photographers.  Each episode is packed with amazing photo business knowledge that you cannot help but to walk away having learned something new.

You can listen to the Sprouting Photographer podcast multiple ways:

PhotoNetCastPhotoNetCast is one that I have been a guest multiple times. Antonio runs the podcast, but Dave is a regular cohost on the show. The beauty about this podcast is that each week the topics cover something new to the show.  When the topics are technical, Antonio and guests often break the technical content down to a more understandable language.  Each show also discusses recent photography industry news and answers questions from listeners.  It’s also worth mentioning that more recently PhotoNetCast is recorded live via video, but the podcast shows are audio.

You can listen to the PhotoNetCast podcast multiple ways:

photofocusPhotofocus is a website that regularly shares awesome tutorials about photography in general.   Topics talk about anything and everything in photography, including technical, business and software.  So really Photofocus can fit in any category.  My only gripe with the Photofocus podcast and website is the amount of “sponsors” or advertisements and “sponsored” posts.  It’s to much, but the overall content shared throughout Photofocus is awesome.

You can listen to the Photofocus podcast multiple ways:

WordPress Photography PodcastI have a bonus podcast to share, and I am biased about this one. Because I’m the host! If you have your photography website on WordPress, then be sure to listen to the WordPress Photography Podcast.


So now you have seen my four favorite podcasts.  I subscribe to each in iTunes and listen to them as often as I can.  What are your favorite photography podcasts?  Comment on the article and let me know what it is and why you love it.

Thanks for reading and happy listening,


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