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photo communityA couple weeks ago, there was a night where I saw yet another tweet from a certain photographer that really pushed me towards recording this video.  I know it’s a low quality recording with a bad video effect, but the point of the whole this is what I’m saying, not where I am sitting or how the video looks.  Please listen…

Keep in that it wasn’t just this one photographer that has done this. There are many.

So now that you’re heard my rant.  I want to make it clear that I do think marketing on Twitter and Facebook are good ideas.  Heck, I do it myself.  But my point is now about marketing yourself as a photographer.  It’s only marketing yourself and not having any interaction with your fans.  Making it all about you.  Don’t make everyone Tweet about you. Don’t make every Facebook update about you. Share work and articles from other photographers. Share things that inspire you, as to inspire others. Don’t share something you have done that inspires yourself. That is just silly. These things turn people away. They will make you lose customers, followers, fans or even friends.  It’s not all about you.  It’s about having the passion for photography and sharing your knowledge with colleagues.  It’s about the community and the giving back.

What is giving back?  It is whatever you make it.  What is passion?  It is loving what you do.

So all I’m saying is please [please please] make it about the world and not only about you.  Otherwise, your success means nothing and you’ve made no difference in the world.

Disagree?  Please comment and share your opinion.


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  1. Some very good and strong points Scott. From my own experience, giving back and sharing knowledge only comes back to benefit you in the end. The world has a funny way of repaying those that are unselfish and willing to help their fellow man.

  2. Why not say the name of the photographer? This might help them out.

    1. I’d rather not call the photographers out – and send them a private email with some friendly advice.

      1. I know what you mean. It’s risky right? I think this may have been stronger if there were examples to show people what you mean because they may not understand. They may think that they are sharing and helping the community.

        Even if you were to clone out their name.

  3. This is great advice! So many marketers are ignoring the word “social” in social marketing. Photographers, like the one you mention, are behaving in an ego-centric way on twitter and facebook. I believe that tactic only works for celebrities. I have unfollowed and de-fanned many photogs for saturating their page with shamless self-promotions. And, as a newbie to twitter, I am getting so terribly turned off by those that constantly ask people to retweet and how they only need “5 more follows to be at 1000” or whatever number it is….WHO CARES? Your number of followers is of no consequence if your content sucks!

    1. Agreed Heather. However, I don’t think it works for celebrities either. People will follow celebrities because they are celebrities, but not because they are engaging.

  4. I’ll try to be better Scott, I promise. I hate it that you walk into one of my many galleries and never purchase anything :)

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