Navigating The Photographic Fray
Navigating The Photographic Fray

The photography industry is filled with noise.

Noise that goes way beyond just between communities of photographers.  For example, 30 wedding photographers in one town, or 2,000 in one city.

In fact, when I say the fray I am referring to an overhead view of the industry.

Here is a list of some of the aspects of the industry that has noise and congestion and offers confusion.:

  • Conferences
  • Photographers
  • News
  • Podcasts
  • Meetups

In a given year, in the United States, there are 8 photography conferences that come to mind instantly. Each of which has their own methodology. Each of which draw a crowd. But I need to ask the question as to why each exist.  Especially when many are hosted in the same locations.

Why not combine forces and consolidate to make fewer, better conferences.

The answer is likely “money”.  Each conference is for profit, so they want their money.

Photography news is another where there could be improvements. At one point I was trying my hand at a new form of photography news in what I called PhotoTickr.  It was doing well, but didn’t get off the ground like I wanted.  So I let it go.

But there are many sites that share photography industry news. Most of which share the same news. Many of which share press releases without their own words.  Some which only share rumors without the facts to back them up. Each have their own respective areas of strength. Each have their areas of weakness.

So where should photographers turn? Which is the best? Which is the most accurate? Which is unbiased?

Everything I am saying can also be said for other industries, like WordPress or Real Estate and so on.

The photography industry is not alone. But I live in the industry, so I see it daily.

Photographers often ask me where to turn for education, or for podcasts.

And I am always happy to share my personal advice and recommendations.

With all of this said, I have a request for the photographic industry. If you are a news site, keep it news. If you are a news site, keep your personal opinion out of it.  Make it real. Make it true. Make it easy for photographers to love what you are publishing.

Reduce the noise.

Beat the fray.

If you are a photography educator, remove the fluff and break away from the fray. Get to the point and be real.

I want to hear from my readers which photography podcasts, and news sites, and other sites that you look towards. Which do you love and why?

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  1. The only photography podcast I listen to is Pocket Lenses. Mainly because the host also hosts a long-running podcast for my other hobby, geocaching. However Pocket Lenses holds up in its own right as a very good small-camera education and advice show.

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