How Photographers Can Find Their Vision

NOTE: This course has been discontinued, but please have a look at the other courses I have available.

Vision Path

A common thread amongst newer photographers, and photographers looking to grow, is vision.

I’m often asked about how to find vision. The answer isn’t simple, and I have actually written about it in the past.

I don’t think it can be taught because a photographer’s vision isn’t black and white. There are so many colors and variances. The only thing we can do, as educators, is to offer guidance to push people towards finding their own visions. Using challenges that are broad so the photographer is forced to think using their creative brain. Or specific as we discover the photographer’s strengths and nudge them forward.

For the past few months I have been mentoring photographers at The Arcanum. It’s been an amazing experience, but with the cost of the daily personalization it’s not something that everyone can afford.

So I decided to create a product that is more affordable for people. Something that can help photographers find vision. Through it you will be faced with weekly challenges which are structured to help you find your own vision through researching, trying, doing, gathering feedback, rinse, recycle, repeat.

Vision Path is not as time intensive as The Arcanum but personalization still exists through public (social) feedback and a few detailed critiques from me. Check out this video talking more about it:

Think of it as a crash course to help you think deeper about your photography.

I hope you’ll check it out and start exploring the path towards your vision.


Vision Path Video Transcription

  • I suck
  • I am nobody
  • I can’t figure it out
  • I don’t know where to go

But I am always always learning, and I don’t care about being famous, and I strive to better myself, and I love being inspired, and inspiring others, and teaching others to also better themselves.

For over a decade I have been making photographs, growing as a photographer, improving my work, and doing it for myself.

I think doing it for yourself is the key to successful photography improvement. Loving the art, bettering the craft and absorbing as much knowledge and light as possible.

That’s why I created Vision Path. To help others achieve their goals through challenges and advice and critiques.

I don’t care what kind of gear you use, or what techniques you think aren’t worth your time. I care about what you think is best for you.

Vision Path is a place for you to be you, learn, and grow.

I have been told I am not good enough, but I keep going. I keep growing. I keep learning and making a difference.

So I’d like to encourage you to take off that hard hat and stop listening to those who say no. Start believing in yourself and put the desire to do better into action. Sign up for Vision Path and in 16 weeks you’ll have a clearer vision than ever before.

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