The Photographer Jacket To Start A Revolution

revolution-plus-jacket-scottevestIt feels like yesterday that I published my review of the Q.U.E.S.T. vest from SCOTTeVEST.

Well, today I have another review to share from their amazing product line. The Revolution Plus is a jacket made for cold weather and has 26 pockets.

The jacket can hold a lot of photography equipment, spare batteries, devices like an iPad, a water bottle and much more.

It has a quilted inside liner so you know you will stay warm when you need to.  It’s not designed for hiking in Antartica, but it perfect for everyday cold weather scenarios like walking in the winter in Chicago or New York City.

Both the hood and the sleeves of the jacket come off with a quick unzip, if you want to use it as a vest or hoodless vest. The outside layer of the jacket is water-resistant so you can keep photographing in the rain. The main zip also has a water-resistant flap over it.

My Revolution Plus Jacket Experience

My first time wearing the Revolution Plus was to PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. I decided to not carry a bag and only bring a camera, iPhone battery backups, a pen, camera batteries, memory cards and my headphones.

I was able to carry everything without the bulk of a camera bag. While in the expo I carried the jacket over my arm while my camera was over the other shoulder.

The beauty of the jacket was the ability to carry the same as I would have brought in a bag, but just in the jacket.

Why the jacket and not a bag too? The weather in New York City around the time of PhotoPlus Expo each year, is quite cold and sometimes raining and snowing. So I would have needed a jacket either way.

The Revolution Plus is also my new jacket for when on photography sessions. With it I have no worries about being cold and can carry less on my back. For example, sometimes I have portrait sessions at a local park with a six-mile trail. It’s one of my favorite places in my New Jersey area to make photos.

Pockets to hold stuff and super warm. That’s a win-win during winter.

Typically I would carry extra batteries and flashes in my backpack. But with the Revolution Plus I have it all in the jacket, without feeling the weight on my back.

The jacket keeps me super warm even in 30-degree weather, and dry in the rain.

It holds all the accessories and devices that I need when traveling without a backpack, or just to remove some of the weight from a backpack.

The jacket has what I call a hand warmer pocket on each side, which is so useful for keeping hands warm without taking up too much space.

My only issue with the jacket is how easy the hood comes off.  I’d almost prefer it to not be removable than to have the zipper. Because if you hold the jacket by the hood, it begins unzipping on its own.

With all this said, I highly recommend this jacket for anyone who needs any pockets with the warmth and flexibility it offers.

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