The Best Way to Publish Panoramic Photographs on Instagram

panoramic-photography-ebook-go-widerIf you really wanted to, you could crop your panoramic photographs into multiple frames and post them strategically on Instagram so that your profile grid shows one photo in every row.

The problem with that is rarely to people go to profiles to look at photos.

The average Instagrammer will only browse their feed for recent and trending photographs.

That means your profile gets few views.

Instead, you should be using the Instagram Galleries feature, which creates a slider of up to 10 borderless photographs to one post.

Using this method makes the end result looks like a seamless panoramic. And the viewer doesn’t have to see what looks to be a broken image across multiple posts.

In the video below you will see how I go about it, and a demo of the free Photoshop Action I’ve created to speed up the task.

Want to see these in action? Take a look at the Wilson Hall pano and the Hoover Dam pano. They work on desktop, but Instagram optimizes the display for the mobile app.

Interested in the free Photoshop Action?

Download Action

And if you’d like to see my video on Instagram Galleries, here it is.

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