OnOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 Now Available

OnOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite 5.5As of this morning, OnOne Software has made Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 available for download and upgrade.

As a loyal customer and owner of Plug-In Suite 5, we’re excited to let you know that you’re entitled to a free update to the newly released Perfect Photo Suite 5.5!

You can download the update here: https://imgry.net/aH88Dr

If you’re purchasing the plugin suite for the first time be sure to use my coupon code WYDEN to save 10% off the total!

What’s New in Perfect Photo Suite 5.5

  • Perfect Resize 7 – the next generation of Genuine Fractals, with new standalone capability, new sharpness and smoothness controls, improved gallery wrap feature, and more
  • PhotoTools 2.6 – over a dozen new effects
  • PhotoFrame 4.6 – over a dozen new frames, backgrounds and adornments, plus new standalone capability
  • Perfect Layers 1 – adds a layered workflow for Lightroom and Aperture (coming in 2011 as a free update)
  • New standalone capability has also been added for FocalPoint 2, Mask Pro 4 and PhotoTune 3

What Does Standalone Capability Mean to Me?

All of the products in the Perfect Photo Suite work with Photoshop CS3, CS4 and CS5, Lightroom* 2 & 3, and Aperture* 2 & 3. But now, for the first time, Perfect Resize, PhotoFrame, PhotoTune and FocalPoint can be used as standalone applications, meaning you can open and edit images directly inside these applications if you choose, giving you the ultimate workflow flexibility.

*PhotoTools and Mask Pro require a full installation of Photoshop.

If you’re purchasing the plugin suite for the first time be sure to use my coupon code WYDEN to save 10% off the total!

Note from OnOne Software:
Clarification on Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 Update

…we told you about the availability of the new Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 update, which you get for free because you own Plug-In Suite 5. In our excitement to get the message out and the software in your hands, we accidentally told you that as part of this update, Mask Pro 4.1 would work as a stand alone application. We regret the error. While Perfect Resize 7, PhotoFrame 4.6, PhotoTune 3 and FocalPoint 2 have been updated to not only support Photoshop but also to work as stand alone applications, Mask Pro 4.1 still requires Photoshop and continues to run as a plug-in. The download links you received yesterday are still good and for your convenience in case you need them, here they are again.

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