How Perfect Is The onOne Software Perfect Brush?

onOne Software implemented a new feature to Perfect Photo Suite 7 called the Perfect Brush. The brush uses edge detection technology to mask within the lines. How perfect is it?

Achieve precise edge-detected masking with the NEW Perfect Brush. It will smoothly apply or remove adjustments to the specific area you’re working on without going “outside of the lines.”  Turn on the Perfect Brush when using the Paint-in Effect Basic Brushes or the Masking Brush.

It depends on how precise you want to be.  If you take your time, zoom in and utilize the tip I share in the video, then the onOne Software Perfect Brush is perfect.  However, if you’re zoomed out and go quick, it will be pretty darn close to perfect without much effort.

onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 7 is the best photo editing software available and the Perfect Brush is just one reason why.

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  1. Hey, I recognize that photo :-)

    Nice demo – got my “supplemental” disc yesterday – have to start playing with the newness of 7.

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