One Scene Many Takeaways

One Scene Many Takeaways

When photographers look at a scene there is so much going through the creative mind.

Things like textures and light and contrast and shadows and geometry and patterns.

For example, looking at this photograph from New York City you will notice a few things.

  1. There is a lot of heavy contrast between the light and dark areas of the photo.
  2. There are patterns of rectangles on each building.
  3. There are multiple textures in the walls and sky.
  4. The shadows are harsh along the bottom of the building.
  5. The sun is so bright it’s shining heavily on one building.

The list could go on.

I share this because a lot goes into a photograph, whether you think it or not.

It is things like this which add value to professional photographs.

It is things like this which should drive customers to hire professional photographers.

I recently published a short article at Medium called Do people respect photography? I really do wonder that sometimes. Especially when I see someone hire a professional photographer and then print the photos at a horrible “lab”.

I hope that this short article, and photo inclusion, bring some new thoughts to your mind.

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