It has been a while since I’ve photographed a band in concert, but I recently had a chance to do it.

This photograph is not from that event.


In fact, this is from a couple years ago when OK Go played in my area. Not only is OK Go an amazing band and extremely talented, but they put on a great visual performance that makes photographing them a pleasure.

I decided to process this photograph in black and white because it has a better impact than in color.

I dig it.

I hope to share the recent band photographs with you soon.

OK GO on Hand Bells
OK GO on Hand Bells

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@okgo, check out this awesome photo of you

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  1. I really like the shot, but curious as to why you call it a photogram? For as long as I have been in photography, a photogram is am image created by using paper, an enlarger and some sort of object laying on the paper.

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