October 23rd, Death & Almost Dying

Today is the anniversary of my fathers death. It was basically another day for me today as nothing out of ordinary happened, until my drive home. Usually I am listening to my iPod or a CD during the car ride from work but today I turned on 101.5 as they usually have interesting conversations. Todays topic of conversation from Casey Bartholomew and Ray Rossi was on ghosts and listeners stories. A caller told his story of almost drowning in the ocean and something lifting him up as he was about to take his only breath under water and his last breath ever. He said it was the strangest feeling he has ever felt. I have a similar story. A few weeks after my 17th birthday I almost died. Here is the story.

I was born on June 9th, 1982. My biological father died on October 23rd just before my second birthday. As I previously stated, right after my 17th birthday I had to drive my mothers car because my lovely OLD & first car, Inifiniti G20 (which was a piece of junk), was in the shop getting fixed. My mother had a brand new (weeks old) Inifiniti i30 which was amazing. Our live in housekeep who is basically a part of our family asked me to pick up her necklace which the jeweler was fixing. I went for the drive, picked it up and made my way back to town.

All of the main roads in Springfield were closed for some reason so I had to go back roads all the way home. You can see in the lovely map that I drew the location of the accident and the proximity of my house. I was driving East towards my house when an older man (in his 70’s) was traveling North and about to turn left onto the street I was on heading West. Instead of stopping at the stop sign he had he hit my passenger side of the car towards the front end. This threw the car into a 360 degree spin straight into a tree. The car then somehow went into reverse and just about made its way into the tennis courts. The airbags in my mothers car has indeed gone off, my glass had flew off my face and were broken on the passenger side floor. The Cosco size case of snapple which was in the truck went threw the ski hold in the middle of the passenger seats and shattered on my back. When my senses kicked back in I pulled the emergency brake which fortunately was by my right hand (not at the floor). The strange thing is that someone not only opened the driver side door but managed to unhook my seat belt and ever pull me out. I did not do this myself and no one was close enough to do it.

So what happens next? I don’t remember if I had a cell phone at that point in my life but someone who saw the accident called the police, checked on me and the older man. He hurt his back. I asked the nice lady to use her phone to call my mother. I called and said “Mom, you are going to kill me but I was in a car accident.” Needless to say she and my dad (obviously my mother got remarried) were there within minutes to make sure I was okay. I called my friend Joey who lived down the street from me. He ran up the street in BOXERS and nothing else. Made me feel good that a friend cared enough to pretty much run around town naked. Thanks again Joey!

After I was checked out by the doctors and police I went to The Care Station on Route 22 in Union, NJ to get checked out further because my knees hit the steering wheel so hard they wound up filling with gross fluid. I was in bad shape. This was also the start of my back problems.

So almost dying. Not a good thing. When my mother totaled BRAND NEW Infiniti i30 was brought to the auto body to get deemed as totaled the mechanic pretty much said that if it was my car I wouldn’t be here today.

To finish this scary but true story I will leave you with this. If you ever drive like a complete moron remember this story. If you ever do it near me, prepare to get screamed and take it because I won’t deal with bad drivers anymore. I yell at them, but never go crazy with road rage. OH! I don’t the middle finger, or The Bird, either as I favor giving thumbs up to horrible drivers.


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