NYC, Birds, Kids & Rick Sammon

A couple of months ago I was in New York City for an Arcanum photowalk. It was a great time and I got to meet another one of my apprentices, apprentices from other cohorts and other masters.

We walked through a part of Central Park and eventually made our way to the spot you see here.

Feeding Time

There were a bunch of kids playing around, sitting and talking and a crowd of people watching something going on. It was not in English, so I couldn’t really follow the discussion.

You would think that the kids would be the point of focus for this photo, but really it’s the birds. The iconic birds of New York City.

But also in the background you can see Rick Sammon, a Canon photographer and a master at The Arcanum.

Rick and his wife spent the afternoon walking with us and Rick even gave a random person a camera lesson so she could make a group photo of us.

Good times were had.

I’m ready for the next Arcanum photowalk now!

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