Not Just Another Instant Camera

The Fuji Instax Mini 90 is not your ordinary instant camera.

It might be plastic, but it does not look like a toy or have the low quality of a Polaroid.

The camera is now part of my photography workflow. I use it to photograph clients and give them something fun to walk away from our sessions.

Not Just Another Instant Camera

The nostalgia of an instant print is something that cannot be matched by digital photography. So combining that with digital photography offers tremendous emotional value to clients.

Like this engagement session.

The couple will also have the same camera for use at their wedding reception, so guests can take fun photos for one of the wedding photo books.

I encourage other photographers to also think about doing this.

I also encourage clients who hire me to request a print for yourself.

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    1. I was debating with the printer, but my camera isn’t Wifi so I thought the analog version would be fun (and it’s super light)

    2. The Mini 90 looks sweet — but the advantage of the printer is that you can take the picture with a smartphone, print it with the little printer, and still have a digital image to do other things with.

      1. To me the printer loses the nostalgia factor of the camera spitting out the photo which is appearing before your eyes. A printer just feels like a printer.

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