Nikon D850 Video Auto Focus Sucks (Extensive Testing)

I’ve been a long time Nikon user. But when I started doing more video work, I got a Panasonic GH5. I never used the GH5 for stills.

More recently, for my video work, I switched from the Panasonic GH5 to the Nikon D850. While the GH5 was not perfect with video autofocus, it was perfection compared to the D850. In fact, the Nikon D850 has horrible horrible horrible video autofocus. Which is funny because it’s still (photo) autofocus is perfect. I spent a while testing the various autofocus settings of the Nikon D850 and offer Nikon some advice to get this figured out.

Video Description:

I love the Nikon D850 because it’s a fantastic camera. However, for video, the autofocus sucks. It’s true. If you ever want to use full-time autofocus (AF-F) with the Nikon D850, then you’re out of luck. It hunts for focus nonstop. In this video, I share one piece of my extensive testing for good AF-F focusing. Have a look.


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  1. Totally agree mate so frustrating! What is the actual point Nikon? I feel I’ve been sold a dummy with the autofocus!

    1. At least it’s only the AF-F mode for video and not anything else.

  2. how did u set the auto focus please. kind of a newbie here.

  3. I know I come late, but did they ever update the firmware?…. I was just about to get a D5600, since I have a bunch of lenses already, but have hesitations now…

    1. Not to fix video AF on an F mount body. You’d have to get a Z mount body for better video AF.

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