Goodbye Panasonic GH5 Hello Nikon D850

I just said goodbye to the Panasonic GH5 and hello to the new Nikon D850. I knew my time with the Panasonic GH5 would be short. I was so happy when I read what the D850 was all about. So when I talked with my friends at Mack Worldwide Warranty, it was a good change to make. Now thanks to them I can continue creating videos for you, using a camera that offers so much more potential for me.

The one thing I really need to figure out after my initial time with the camera, is the best mic setting for use with the RODE Video Mic Pro, because the pre-amp on the Nikon body isn’t as good as the pre-amp on the Panasonic body.


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  1. Scott, I have the same mic and I use the +20 on the mic and drop the gain down on my Canon 5D3 since most DSLR’s dont have the best amps in them. This keeps the noise low. I found out about this from a Youtube video someone had done testing all of the Rode mics at different gain settings.

    1. Totally true. I’ve got the audio part down after 2 weeks with the camera. Only thing left is figuring the best settings for autofocus in video mode.

  2. Hi Scott, the constant in/out of focus in this video I found very irritating. I am sure you will find a solution.

    1. I have low faith in Nikon having a solution for the hunting in full-time autofocus for video. But you never know!

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