20 Minutes to Nowhere

20 Minutes to Nowhere was a pop-punk band from the late 1990s. We played a variety of shows with other local New Jersey bands and recorded one demo tape in the band’s existence.

In this band, I played bass guitar.

Members of 20 Minutes to Nowhere went on to play in Sever The Stars, Fairmont, and Sean Walsh & The National Reserve.

You can listen to the entire demo tape here.

Sever the Stars

Sever the Stars was a hardcore “screamo” band from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. We played only one show and it was with Penfold and The Assistant. It was an epic day, but obviously not epic enough to stay together as a band. This show was at the popular M&M Hall in Old Bridge, New Jersey. It was recorded on video, which is missing. But the audio of the recording can be listened to down below.

There was even a small initial discussion with the owner of Milligram Records, who published albums from Penfold and The Assistant, to record and release an album from Sever The Stars. The band broke up before that discussion concluded.

Members of Sever The Stars went on to form and join and form bands like Bedlight For Blue Eyes, Fairmont, Boy Vs. Ghost, and more.


Fairmont is a band that has been playing since 2001 when Neil, the singer and main songwriter, left his band Pencey Prep (who eventually became My Chemical Romance), to pursue his own music.

Instead of writing the band’s history, I recommend reading the Wikipedia page which has the band well documented.

However, according to the Wiki, I was in the band from 2002-2003 and I think I was in the band for longer than that.

I originally started playing keyboard/synthesizer and eventually filled in on bass and then officially switched to rythm guitar.

I also screamed in a lot of background vocals, so that was a fun throwback to my Sever the Stars days.

The playlist I shared here from Apple Music contains a variety of songs I wrote, cowrote, and just played on.

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