How to use multiple cameras with Meet or Zoom

In the public school space, most teachers and students are using Google meet or Zoom.

I want to show you that you can actually do a multi-cam experience, meaning connecting multiple cameras to your computer for Google Meet and Zoom calls.

This would enable you to have yourself on the screen then quickly, and easily, switch to a document camera without having to change computers.

The benefit of this is you can have one setup and you can switch camera and even microphones on the fly when you need it.

The screen recording below you will see me switching between 4 cameras fast and efficiently. This method is definitely fast enough for the average educator.

The lag you see from the cameras with my voice was due to the computer being overwhelmed by live streaming and screen recording at the same time.

As mentioned in the video, the process works the same for Google Meet as it does for Zoom. The only difference is where you find the settings to change the video camera being used, or the microphone being used.

In fact, Zoom has a fast way to change audio and video controls. Simply click on the up arrow ^ next to the audio and video icons as you see in the screenshots below.

Audio switching fast in Zoom
Audio switching fast in Zoom
Video switching fast in Zoom
Video switching fast in Zoom

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