The most important thing you need for virtual learning

Focus. That’s the most important thing you need for virtual learning.


Achieving focus, though, isn’t as straight forward.

Especially if you live in a house with other people around when you need to learning.

For adults, it’s kids constantly coming into your learning space.

For kids, it’s the pets of the house constantly wanting attention. Or siblings wanting to play. Or guardians on the phone while sitting directly next to you.

Set the tone

The first thing to achieve focus for virtual learning is to set the tone.

If you will have a guardian with you, ask them to leave if and when they have a phone call to make.

If possible, keep pets in others rooms, or outdoors.

If siblings are in the house, have the guardian keep them busy in another room, and check on you every so often.

Your Space

Wherever your computer and school supplies are, need to be organized.

Music should be off.

Lights should be as close to natural light as possible.

Open the curtains

Anything that is in the room that might be distracting, put it behind you or remove it from the space.

If you have a phone, put it aside. Same for a tablet, unless you are using it for school.

Dress for the day

Although you might be learning from home, or in a friends home, etc, it’s important to get dressed for the day.

Because when you get dressed it tells your brain that you’re ready to focus on the task at hand.

You will be able to focus better by being dressed for learning rather than wearing pajamas.

Routines, Rituals, and Boundaries

By preparing for virtual learning day after day you wind up creating a rituals.

These might be things like getting dressed, eating a good breakfast, having a full glassd of water or anything else you need to prepare for a full day.

Doing these rituals will mentally put you in a state where you are better suited for focusing on learning.

Setting boundaries so you can focus can only help things further.

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