What is the most comfortable mask for long school days?

I asked the Internet a simple question.

What is the most comfortable mask you have worn? Our educators want to know.

I think masks will be around for a long time, way beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

So I’ve picked up a bunch of masks, from brands that have a track record of making quality products.

I also have some masks that friends, and family members have made.

Wearing a comfortable mask is important for anyone whether they are just going out to the grocery store, or headed into the office to get the mail.

However, it’s extremely important for anyone who has to wear a mask for long periods of time, to wear something comfortable. People like grocery store workers, bus drivers, students, and teachers all have to think about comfort.

That’s why I decided to write this article. To share my experience, and to share the experiences others had.

Proper Cloth

My personal favorite is from Proper Cloth (reward link) because of the fabric, shape, comfort, and the head strap instead of ear straps. I have 4 of their masks. The first I purchased on its own, and then I picked up a 3 pack when they introduced bundles. These days I’m pretty much exclusively wearing masks from Proper Cloth.

Proper Cloth masks also come with a removable, and washable filter.

Note: Proper Cloth masks come in an option for ear loops instead of head straps.


I also have a mask from Bauerfeind. As someone with a bad knee, I wear a brace from Bauerfeind when in karate class, or working out on my own. I love their products, so of course, figured I’d pick up their mask. It’s extremely breathable and comfortable, but it does not have a shape to it or a nose wire, so for people with glasses it’s not ideal.

Under Armor

The mask that intrigues me the most, as someone will likely be doing some indoor karate training eventually, is the Under Armour SportsMask. It is shaped so you’re not touching fabric with your mouth and looks extremely breathable and comfortable. My only concern is the ear loops. I’d much prefer straps that go around or over the head, like the Proper Cloth masks.

At this point, I have mentioned the sport-related qualities of masks. I do not think that’s an essential thing when it comes to masks. But I will say that, if a product is meant for sports, it is more likely to be designed with comfort in mind.

Fiber KNIT

The Fiber KNIT Mask looks like it could be the most comfortable mask ever created. It uses fabric similar to Bauerfeinds braces (but not their masks). I wish Bauerfeind made a mask like this one.

The Fiber KNIT Mask comes with filters, and they sell replacement packs of the filters. The band goes around the top back of the head rather than over the head, or around the ears.

It comes in multiple color options, so anyone can find a mask they like.

My only concern about this mask is that we know nothing about the company making it.

I asked others what masks they find the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and here are some of those answers.

Now it’s your turn. What masks do you find the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time?

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