From Those Moments In Between
From those moments in between

It’s important to keep in mind that your child doesn’t have to look at the camera for a good photo. I mean, it doesn’t hurt. But it’s not essential. ⠀

In this photo, she was looking at me. The moment only lasted a split second. So the pictures before and after this were entirely different. ⠀

Knowing when to push the shutter button comes with experience.⠀

Next time you need a family photographer, please consider that. Hire someone who understands, and anticipates those moments.


A perfect photo isn’t posed. It might not even be directed.

A perfect photo is one that shows someone in his or her element. Being his or herself. Whether that’s looking at the camera or somewhere else.

Whether it’s planted on the ground or jumping towards the stars. A perfect photo is one that makes you feel something.

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